Will the cannon be replaced for free by this dwarf?

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Likewise, if you OSRS GP die, does the cannon stay where you put it so you can go back and do it? Or does it enter your gravestone? Or do you lose it? Will the cannon be replaced for free by this dwarf? No matter what the circumstances?

I realize that this is actually hard, so even a quote to the nearest 25 or 50K would be great. I want to locate this out as I wish to pre-buy all my cannonballs, because I've come to the conclusion it will save a whole lot in the long term.

Please don't take this as an attempt to manipulate prices, but it's my opinion that c balls could grow in the coming months, increasing the price of 99 slayer for me personally. If you have a look at long term graphs, c balls are currently at one of the lowest point for many months.

I fear if the bot nuke comes (scheduled for july but who knows), costs could increase significantly. I recognize part of reason for the fall in c ball prices was the effigy nerf, but that I feel the return of robots drove prices down further. I am also doing this becauseI did it previously and it paid off. Whenever I heard about the first bot nuke, I immediately panic bought 99 tried and herb and saved tens of thousands.

In that case, you're making an investment that really should not have anything to do with the number of cballs you will need for slaying. It is like how people feel that mining ore, banking it, subsequently smithing it's coaching 2 abilities at the same time with better efficacy - unless performing both together somehow saves more money and time than performing both separately (e.g. if there's a furnace on the road into the bank that saves you the time of having to run to a furnace following banking), they cheap RuneScape gold need to be treated as two individual events.