I've got a private training spot that not many men and women use

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Well RS3 gold then! I've got a private training spot that not many men and women use. I've just seen one manual for this, and that is on another fansite. They're called Zombie Monkeys, and they're on Ape Atoll. You can locate them just below the fighter guards. Now, here's what you'll want to train: A good training weapon. Whip for attack, along with a Sara Sword for advantage, I would say would be suitable for you.

A good set of armour concerning prayer bonus. Proselyte rather than barrows, although if you had, say, a soulwars cape and bandos then that would be suitable too:D. A salve amulet, preferably (e). That is why this is great xp. Teleport to ape atoll unlocked, a teleport to an altar and back to ape atoll (ardougne cloak works well as it also has a prayer bonus). Lots of prayer potions, a holy wrench, a combat familiar that gets you the kind of xp you desire.

Teleport to ape atoll, wield greegree, get to the cellar, put on keep from melee, sip out of a super set, use your unique assault weapon (probably a dds), then get your main weapon. Use shield from melee and also the best offensive prayers you can use, and put up at the North-west corner: you'll have 1-2 of the most powerful monkeys constantly attacking youpersonally, which makes this very low-click and speedy xp. After 15 minutes, they will not be agressive, so tele out, run around a little, and tele back . I find this gets me very speedy xp per hour, surely quicker than slayer, and best of all there are no robots!

Can salve possess a quest req? Piety is 12mil away... And the very best identification go is chiv, as my current cash pile is 11m, and its never in my bank (always in ge, multiplying) and the other 12mil I have is in things. Fury has a 2+ str to glory, which caused me to lol... I dont rlly want tht extra def, like I have well over 300+ def together with my existing equipment. Sry miscalcd the pray drain. Alrdy have a buy RuneScape gold beast team for Bandos... (im lowest cb there, but its own lootshare so im great l0l)