Everybody hates mut but those same people will be enjoying madden 21

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People can be absolutely condemned by you for spending money how they need to since there are idiotic ways. Could you not condemn a enthusiast spending the last of his money on heroin? People that play Madden 21 Coins established what madden is today and it's micro transaction shit, so yeah fuck each and every person that has spent money on this and fuck EA for running what is essentially a monopoly. You can be killed by heroin, I've yet to hear a case of somebody. Can you condemn people? What about food? You are not angry because of how they are spending habits impact them, you're angry because of how it impacts YOU.

The NFL gave EA the monopoly, therefore shit for that part of the on them. What is EA supposed to do? Any capable business would choose to have no competitions if they had the ability to. My purpose is that like spending money on heroin spending money on virtual coins is beyond stupid and you deserve to be shit on for being so dumb and ruining madden for everybody that does not play MUT, two. EA pays for the right to have that monopoly with cash they earn from morons buying coins literally this entire problem of madden being dreadful today is caused by MUT players and that is a fact.

We can not even expect people to follow science at a pandemic, do we believe people will really buckle down and sit a year of madden to try and induce some change for the better? I will not be purchasing but I don't have any hope for any change predicated on we the few boycotting. I mean there will always be kids/teens and casual gamers who buy it due to the NFL license. Trying to get people to not purchase Madden (insert year here) reminds me of silly things like people trying to convince others to not buy petrol on one particular day.

Gas prices 12, as if that would lead to oil companies to slash. Shell (and EA) can survive just fine without your custom for one day/one year. Sure they can survive a year without me spending or playing on MUT but when enough people do it, they would surely change. It is why we are where we are, we still allow them to give us a shitty goods and keep telling them it is fine with our wallets. That is the only thing they care about.

Everybody hates mut but those same people will be enjoying madden 21 one way or another about yall just not play Madden 21 for a year. Dont get it when it goes on sale, dont get it if its free receive it as a present. They have nothing if there's absolutely no player base. Like so and Buy Mut 21 Coins this gave it to me so thats how im playing it but yall are saying things. NO stop making excuses stop playing if you are tired of their shit. You have 30 yo guys crying about their franchise when its them that perform the shit year after year telling its alright to ea. Mut and microtransaction sucks but its not the entire reason y we get shit for a football match year following year.take some responsibility for playing every year. If your fav game do you however quit lying to everyone about it blaming microtranactions when un play.