Top Tips and Tricks for Farming More Archeage Unchained Gold

Top Tips and Tricks for Farming More Archeage Unchained Gold

The original game ArcheAge was released back in 2014 and quickly rose to success, garnering many loyal fans. However, many players were turned away from the Pay-to-Win aspects of the game, so the developers decided to offer something new and refreshing. With ArcheAge: Unchained there is no longer a subscription model, players simply need to purchase the game and they can play as much as they want!

The Absolute Best Method*

Lord Coin packs: Okay so people complain about the new trading system. People also complain about this system on DEAD servers which boggles my mind. If you can work at a castle for Lord's Coin's then do it. 1 Lord Coin = 10 Seeds which averages between 4-6 per plant. So even if you get an average of 50 plants it's still 1.25 packs. Each pack sells for ~65-70g. Math! 1.25x67.5= 84.375 gold. Per coin.

  1. Cargo Lord Coin packs: So this is the real money maker. These packs only require a small amount of vocation (300 each) and labor. The conversation rate for these is 2 packs from the 6 castle zones (CZ for sure) (calmlands, Nuimari, Exeloch, Sungold, Marcala, and Heedmar) and 1 pack from Whalesong or Golden Ruins.

Therefore the rate = 80units of the CZ packs and 40units (or 2 to 1 packs) Whale/GR packs. This not only gives you the gold mentioned above, but it also generates a Cargo. This cargo you purchase for ~60g and it turns in for ~130g! if you take it across the ocean. This is extremely high risk which is why I said use a speedboat. If you have a giant guild protecting you sure (make sure to communicate that you're running cargo so members don't accidentally take your cargo you just made while turning in your packs). Also, there's no real difference going to Solz/Yny with the pack. Solz is probably a faster run, but I like Yny because of my secret shortcut through Falcorth :^).

More Profits from above: The cargo you just turned in immediately turns into a T3 cargo pack (the ones you run inland for CHARCOALLLLLL) the return on the Charcoal is massive. Each pack costs again around 60ish gold, but at the safe turn ins, (Austera, etc...) it's only 50 charcoal. Peri gives 60. Math! 60 x current charcoal rates = ~120g.

To sum up everything above: First THREE pack's (need 3 to make cargo minimum) = ~200g. Cargo turn in is 130g minus the cost to purchase so ~70g. (gotta pay to get the pack). Finally, the last portion is Charcoal which can converted quite easily to gold via AH. Assuming you sold the charcoal as is, that's another 120g-60g=60g (gotta pay for pack) FINALLY a grand total of the 3 packs (minimum) will net you 200g+70g+60g =~330g. This would take 3 Lord's Coin's at minimum which would AH for between 180-200g. However working on Castle's you can get them for free, even easier with alt's.

Extra Storage

If you find yourself running low on storage you can buy the Otherworld Storage Chest from the credit shop. This chest is considered furniture and you can put it in your house. The chest comes with 100 slots where you can store all sorts of items that you don't want to carry around. The chest is also only accessible to you so you don't need to worry about another player sneaking into your house behind you, stealing all your gear, and selling it for ArcheAge Unchained gold.

Use Crafting Requests

ArcheAge is a grindy game by nature. You'll spend lots of time grinding up your professions to help you advance in the game. However, don't feel like you need to grind all the time. If you need to upgrade some gear but don't have the required proficiency, you can always post a request asking for another player to craft it for you. Players won't do this for free, of course. You'll have to throw some AA: U gold their way, but it's worth it if you don't have the time to grind or want to save your labor points.

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