How can I get my Pendant of Azzanadra back if I lost it

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Crypt Looter OSRS GP Minigame: This is a really short and easy minigame, but the benefits aren't the best. To do it, you must enter the crypt you discovered during the pursuit. There are two ways of doing so. With 70 mining, then you can mine outside the rockslide to the main entrance, or you can use the cave entry by Eblis and the mirrors. You must also be wearing the Pendant of Azzanadra. The pendant permits you to be able to open door. Should you mined out the entrance and walked through the long hallway to the circular area, you can enter any door you picked.

If you entered the cave entrance near Eblis, then you will need to walk down a hallway to enter King Alirin's room. Whenever you are in one of the circular chambers away to the side, then it is possible to search the golden vases for rewards (listed below). Additionally, you can search the grave for even better rewards (additionally listen under ), however there's a 1/5 possibility that a mummy (level 98) will appear and attack you. Additionally, you may simply loot vases/tombs once. If you want to loot it again, you'll have to exit the crypt and re-enter, together with waiting 15 minutes.

How can I get my Pendant of Azzanadra back if I lost it during the pursuit or later? You are able to talk with Azzanadra again, and he will say he discovered it and will return to you. What happens if I lost my Sword of Azzanadra? If you perished and dropped it to another participant, they will instead get 170,000 coins instead of the sword. If you were the person who dropped the temptations of [Azzanadra, you can get back by talking to Eblis, who will tell you he purchased it from a traveling merchant, and if you pay him 170,000 coins, he will return to you.

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