The matter is that supreme team

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That's exactly what I was trying to get at. I believe in case you read everything, I said it, maybe I clarified a little badly. They do it for a reason, while I agree that EA is aware that some cards are not good from a TT and Mut Coins Madden 21 it is to drive the purchasing of the aka legend/UL packs that are more expensive. But they also recognize in the event the player would like to devote to it, that most cards can be used. Early in the year since with many golds/silvers you will find, it's so simple to get crushed, it more difficult to utilize a TT still but EA is decent in acquiring usable players for a team during the promos. I wish that players that did not have PUs might have their team chems be picked because I feel that would make cards more valuable total.

Forgot to include but electricity ups really are a cool premise and that I think without physical chems they're done correctly. Rewarding people for having a card and allowing them to hold on the player is cool. Before another one comes out and if you've got an Odell card, yours loses financially and value you are hurt, and there is no advantage to purchasing your favorite players. However it is cool that you are rewarded with the players as using a power up you do not have to deconstruct and sell to upgrade, you may keep building on the same player item.

In addition to electricity ups as you so astutely, throwing off the balance of card values pointed out. The marketplace is flooded with them. What is your point? My purpose is getting. However due to the ubiquity of this energy up program. The high over cards aren't worth anything and they've flooded the market with base power that aren't worth the training their published on. I was attempting to earn a comment that was sarcastic that was pithy with which I agree to piggyback your comprehensive post. I have failed.lamar had 10 fumbles on the season. To my understanding 7 or 8 of 10 were low large snaps from the center or snaps. 1 was a collapsed hand to indicate ingram. Meaning lamar jackson him fumbled once maybe twice in his 1206 yards. I get oop players the whole stamina decrease but qbs enough in madden. It must represent the realistic essence of his real performance.

The matter is that supreme team does not have injuries which in life that is real is the danger of taking strikes, and it is the most important reason that QBs slide. Because of this, EA should find something different to be the buy madden coins risk for not sliding or operating out of bounds, so they turned into the fumble sliders up to an unrealistic amount so as to balance QB scrambles. I certainly believe that they should fumble over rbs no doubt. However it should be realistic. Camera newton took some hits. Lamar was handled tiime plus a time again and keeps it.