NBA 2K21 is currently so smart

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I agree. or simply create the lineup logic much more flexible. There aren't five positions in basketball and lineups are among the ways a mentor can distinguish themselves. It'd be cool to find the terrible coaches have weirder lineups that NBA 2K21 MT create mismatches, etc. NBA 2K21 is currently so smart and complicated, but the CPU in 2K20 could be defeated now by simply placing more considerate lineups out on the court.

Repair contracts that are two-way and present contracts. From the league, players are always keen to take these kinds of contracts simply to play in the league and have a shot, however in 2K literally one in a hundred accept them. They should be an option to be more reflective of the NBA. Idk how they'd do it, but some type of signal and commerce execution. This was huge at the off season, although it would be hard to do.

This is certainly needed by them, and it shouldn't be hard. In FA, you would approach a participant, and similar to what happens when you attempt to sign a player but only have two-ways left, a message could develop that says,"You can't sign this player because you do not have sufficient cap space. You can get him in a sign-and-trade thing." Okay clicks and you offer the contract that you would like to offer you.

If the player takes, which means taking less cash so 2K should make alterations for how players take trades beyond just money, the display looks exactly the same as it will now where it states"approved" and you'll be able to correct that not to sign him, but rather it would state"approved - sign-and-trade." Once you hit next, NBA 2K21 requires you to the trade screen and a message appears that states"to be able to complete this sign-and-trade, you must complete the trade" or something along those lines.

Then you need to put in TPEs or salaries to Buy MT NBA 2K21 make as it is 24, the trade work, which would remain the same. The key part here is that the team would have to be put to accept, so the trade logic could be outside the window. Therefore, if you are bringing in a man who is earning $20m, you are able to send out five garbage players and a second round pick and the opposing group will accept it.